The brilliant Kevin Strickland and Tyler Barnes blessed me with their time and energy to make this small window into my life. With the love and support of our amazing friend and producer Linda Parisi.

Artist Statement

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work and even more so for reading this. My work is mostly based off of the stories in the Holy Scriptures. What we sometimes call “biblical narrative”. The stories in scripture are not only so full of the richest stuff of humanity but by looking closely at them, by digging into them and extracting the stuff to make images I get a better understanding of my faith and a glimpse, maybe, of God. By, as it were, bringing forth I partake of a joy and satisfaction only surpassed by my wife and I bearing children into the world.

When I think about the Creation I think about man being made in the image and likeness of God. I think of how He made us and breathed into us and we were, we are. How special we are. By his bringing forth from nothing He Blessed creation. By His making and blessing Man and Woman to live in His Paradise He also blessed our involvement within His creation. By man’s transgression we were subject to the corruption which our closeness to God had saved us from.

We remember the Incarnation. God joining himself to our flesh in order to renew the image of God in us. We remember His baptism in which, not himself, but the Jordan and all of creation was made clean. And under all of those things I remember that although He was God and could have revealed himself in any other way he came as a child, born of a virgin, and became a carpenter.

Having worked with wood for most of my life I have often wondered why Jesus was a carpenter. It is really hard and beautiful to work with wood. I have always appreciated the simplicity of Christ working with his hands in a shop. Carving wood from the very trees He had spoken into existence. One day while speaking with my wife’s uncle about the beauty and wisdom that craftsmen have, it suddenly struck me that in His very occupation He was telling us the Story. He was whispering the Gospel to us in His daily job. Think of how a carpenter receives the wood. A once living, growing, flowering and fruiting thing that has been cut down. That is now dead and in His loving hands hewn and shaped into something again lovely and useful, something which now has new life. If it had been left alone in the forest, where it fell, it would simply be drawn back into the ground.

I think that is my calling as an artist. To be a “partaker of the divine nature” which finds joy and beauty in creating.