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Communion of Suffering/Job
Communion of Suffering/Job
28 x 40 inches

Suffering is a human condition. In the often avoided story of Job I have found a way to begin to hold the suffering of my own experiences. The righteous Job was an example of "doing everything right" and yet God, not Satan, pointed Job out to the attention of the evil one. How do we handle a story where God allows suffering? How do we hold the idea of a loving God who allows evil to exist and suffering to flourish? Can we see in the story of Job, a way to not only hold the suffering of physical affliction but also the mental anguish of isolation in suffering? Can we see love from God in the story of His allowing someone who was doing all the right things to experience such tragedy? I think so. I think more than proving a point to Satan, God was getting to the area of Job's heart that he was keeping from God. By allowing the evil one to take everything else away, Job was left with only that closet of self-righteousness he kept hidden, behind a couch in the attic of His heart.